Klir Partners with WaterStart and SNWA


“The team here in Las Vegas Valley Water District is so cooperative, and they are incredibly open to what we are trying to do with them”, explains Cillian O’Neill, Customer Success Manager at Klir. Klir COO Elaine Kelly and Cillian arrived a few weeks ago in Sin City to kick off the assessment phase of a pilot project aimed at centralizing the management of all Southern Nevada Water Authority’s environmental permits into one single system. “SNWA manages hundreds of permits, covering a range of activities — from new construction to daily operations and environmental management”, said SNWA Deputy General Manager of Engineering and Operations Dave Johnson. “This is a tedious, time-consuming process and we look forward to exploring how Klir’s technology platform can enhance management of our regulatory compliance activities through improved operational efficiency.

Improving Turn-Around Times for Data Gathering

Klir’s technology helps water utilities make water safer by providing them with a more effective way to manage their regulatory compliance missions. A suite of cloud-based compliance software solutions, the Klir platform gathers, monitors and analyzes regulatory compliance data, all in one easy-to-use web-based application. “We are excited to welcome Klir in our technology portfolio as we implement its technology through a partnership with the Southern Nevada Water Authority,” said WaterStart Executive Director Nate Allen. “Klir’s data management, analysis and sharing platform will help support better decision-making for water utilities, allowing utilities like SNWA to more efficiently manage environmental information from a single source to support critical environmental management processes while improving turn-around times for data gathering.”

Klir Platform Roll-out

The Klir platform is customizable and will be reflective of SNWA’s processes. The system will reduce the time that SNWA staff spends managing regulatory requirements. Over the course of six months, the Klir team will be working with a cross-departmental team to assess existing platforms and needs, customize a platform that will inform those needs, and implementing the platform for three months. “The Klir Team is excited to deploy its innovative regulatory management platform for SNWA”, said Klir CEO David Lynch. “As one of the leading global clusters for water innovation, WaterStart and SNWA are giving a fantastic vote of confidence in the power our platform can deliver on. We are looking forward to starting work with the team here in Las Vegas and help them transform regulatory obligations into advantages”.

About WaterStart

WaterStart is a cluster of global leaders in the implementation of water innovation. Based on the Las Vegas campus of the Desert Research Institute, WaterStart leverages the strategic resources and expertise of its network to evaluate and demonstrate the performance of water innovation. As a channel for innovation, WaterStart accelerates the rate of adoption of new solutions to real challenges facing water management agencies and large consumers.

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