CEOs and General Managers

Preserve the Public’s Trust in Your Water System

Klir gives you complete confidence in your utility’s compliance position at all times—so your community can have complete confidence in you.

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Pains and Fears

No More Compliance Guesswork or Surprises

All it takes is one unexpected compliance violation to lose your community’s trust. The stakes are too high for you, your team, and your utility to take a reactionary approach to water compliance.

That’s why we made Klir: an all-in-one water operating system that brings all your sampling data, regulatory requirements, permits, and monitoring plans together in a single, powerful platform.

Fragmented IT solutions have added cost and complexity, but little clarity

"One of the difficulties with diving into the digital world is that you end up having an app for this, and then an app for that. The fact that Klir had so many different modules that can talk and communicate with each other was really appealing to us."

Adam McKnight,
Former Data Analyst, Water Quality Programs, Halifax Water

How it works

Klir Gives You, Your Team, and Your Regulators Confidence

Now you can take a proactive approach to water compliance management. Klir organizes all of your permitting, sampling, and regulatory information, so you can stay 100% compliant 100% of the time.

Get a Real-time View of Your Compliance Position

Get a digital thread of your utility’s entire compliance position at the touch of a button

Instantly generate reports for board officials and regulators with a few clicks

Pinpoint opportunities for environmental initiatives and cost-efficiency improvements

Improve your utility’s performance, and have the data  to prove it

Turn your data into an organizational asset

Adapt to the Changing Regulatory Environment

Adjust operational plans to new regulations without adding administrative overhead

Avoid mistakes and fines by keeping tabs on all your permits and requirements

Instantly reports and activity history in the case of an audit

Prepare for the Changes of Tomorrow

Reach your strategic goals sooner.

With Klir, you can establish a track record for operational excellence, and get insights into your environmental and financial goals.

Our proprietary Water Utility Maturity Model Assessment allows you to spot risk areas and opportunities to increase efficiency utility-wide

We partner with you on a technology adoption plan tailored to your utility’s strategic goals, focused on three key goalposts:
1. Managing real-time operational risk
2. Preventing operational risks at the source
3. Realizing enhanced environmental & financial benefit


Klir Gives You Peace of Mind

Real-time Dashboards

Insights that were once only available in end-of-year reports are now available on demand.

Long-term Gains

Klir gives you a roadmap for realizing widespread efficiency gains and cost savings.

Go Greener

Beyond water quality, Klir makes it easy to track and manage environmental priorities such as resource recovery and water reuse.

Total Accountability

Tasks can be easily assigned to team members, so you have one digital thread from top-to-bottom of the organization.

“Being in compliance is extremely important. But being able to demonstrate that in an effective and efficient way is where this tool really takes our compliance perspective to the next level. The Klir application helps us to sleep better at night knowing that we can demonstrate that compliance..”

Dave Johnson

Deputy General Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority

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Building the Utility of the Future

How Better Software Can Enable Truly Proactive Utility Management

Spreadsheet overload, ‘too many apps’ and uneven digitization are a big problem at water utilities in the United States, Canada and Australia, and administrators are struggling to wrangle their data into a workable system. In this report, we explore why building the water utility of the future will depend on it.

Receive our comprehensive report on how to bring your utility into the 21st century and tackle the compliance data challenge.

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