One Platform. All Teams. Built for Water.

No more mystery. No more guesswork. No more nagging feeling that something might go wrong.

Klir brings all your water compliance operations together in one integrated platform, giving you full visibility into water quality, compliance management, and system performance.

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Helping You Achieve 100% Compliance, 100% of the Time

Water Insights On Demand

Klir pulls all your sampling, operational and compliance data into one place, allowing your entire team to see the big picture and drill down for specific insights.

360° Compliance View

Manage all compliance across every department—and when regulations change, Klir makes it easy to track progress and adapt with a few clicks, all part of the Klir package.

One Water. One Organization. Every Team.

No more silos. Teams can operate across departments, but work together as one team on Klir. With built-in collaboration tools and complete task history, your team can make better decisions together.

Preserve Institutional Knowledge

Klir documents your data and tasks, providing a single source of truth and preserving team knowledge when someone changes roles, leaves, or retires.

Patent-Pending Technology for Streamlined Procurement

Klir currently holds a patent-pending status as granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, acknowledging how innovative, unique and one-of-a-kind we have made our technology.

Available for purchase directly through Klir, the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, or via our extensive US-wide Cooperative Contracts Purchasing Program. Contact us here to learn more.


Powerful, Intuitive Software Built Just for Water Utilities

Drinking water

Klir centralizes all your water quality information, so you know you’re always providing your community with clean, clear drinking water.

Bring data, people, processes, and workflows together in a single real-time platform

Track your team’s progress against regulatory & operational requirements

Process, analyze, and maintain sampling data in a single tool

Quickly identify and respond to troubling trends or exceedances if they occur

View analytics and take action in one single integrated platform

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Klir gives you the insights and analytics you need to prove that the wastewater you treat is safe and compliant to discharge.

Manage your NPDES from beginning to end in one single platform

Generate accurate NetDMR reports within clicks

Automate effluent monitoring and manage NPDES permit reporting criteria

Capture sampling results directly from the field

Effectively track and prioritize compliance tasks

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Stay on top of all of the permits and inspections required for an effective environmental compliance program with Klir.

Consolidate renewals, due dates, and tasks in one place

Easily assign tasks and deadlines to team members

Preserve institutional knowledge and empower teams to act on time

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Meet Boots, Your New AI-Powered Assistant

Don’t let the cuteness fool you: Boots is built on Klir's proprietary sophisticated AI tools and powered through Microsoft’s ChatGPT4 technology. It can easily search all your data and permits to help you make insightful, data-driven decisions.

And because it’s built on Microsoft Azure’s enterprise-grade security, your utility’s data stays your utility’s data.

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Instant Answers

You don’t need to remember where a file is or when a task is due, and you don’t even have to search for it—just ask Boots!

Automated Admin Work

Have Boots draft your email or prepare a memo so you can focus your time and attention on the problems only a human expert can solve—Boots takes care of the rest.

Insights in Seconds

Boots knows all your permits, sampling, inspections, legislation, and regulatory as well as operational requirements by heart to help you make insightful decisions.

case study

“Klir Helps Us Sleep Better at Night.”


Before Klir, managing 1,000+ permits and 300,000+ water samples every year was a time-consuming and stress-inducing process—and demonstrating compliance meant pulling information from many different systems.


Klir allows SNWA to consolidate and manage all of its permits and sampling data in one place. Now they can always demonstrate their compliance status and be confident that nothing’s slipping through the cracks.

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One Utility, One Platform


Before Klir, the team had to navigate a jungle of disparate point-specific systems—some online, some offline. The systems didn’t fully integrate with each other, which made it difficult to scale as the utility grew.


With Klir, Halifax Water can take a proactive approach to water management. Now instead of needing to learn eight different systems, new team members only need to learn the SCADA system and Klir.

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Cross-Departmental Workflows (That Really Flow)

Klir doesn’t just help you keep your water clean—it cleans up your operational processes too. By putting all of your water compliance information in one place, Klir gives every member of your team the tools they need to blow their job out of the water.


Klir gives you a digital thread from top-to-bottom of your organization’s compliance work at all times. You get 100% task accountability, with year-end reporting insights now available on demand.

Preserve public trust and gain influence with regulators

Get the big picture with a 360° compliance dashboard

Retirement-proof and retain institutional knowledge

Avoid non-compliance fines, penalties, and criminal consequences

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“Being in compliance is extremely important. But being able to demonstrate that in an effective and efficient way is where this tool really takes our compliance perspective to the next level.”

Dave Johnson

Deputy General Manager of Operations
Southern Nevada Water Authority

IT leaders

With Klir, you get a military-grade, secure system to support multiple teams and departments—all built specifically for water utilities.

Cloud-based, configurable, and compatible with your Microsoft Azure tech stack, LIMS, GIS, and SCADA

Klir delivers continuous product improvements based on users’ feedback

Cost-effective and hassle-free

SOC II certified as well as ISO 27001 and NIST compliant

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“We have all of this operational data, we have all of this compliance data—it didn’t make sense not to have that data be brought together.”

Adam McKnight

Former Data Analyst
Water Quality Programs, Halifax Water

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