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The True Operating System for Water

Spreadsheets and legacy systems waste your time and increase the risk of error & cybersecurity attack—we created Klir to change that.

Klir brings together your people, processes, workflows, and data in one unified, easy-to-use system—so you can take full, proactive control of your compliance.

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Trusted by Leading Utilities. Backed by One of the World’s Largest Enterprise Software Funds.

Klir is backed by Insight Partners, a $90B venture capital fund. In turn, we invest significantly into R&D and are constantly evolving our technology for you. With Klir, you buy with confidence knowing we are here for the long haul to serve you.


Operating System for Water


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Patent-Pending Technology for Streamlined Procurement

Klir currently holds a patent-pending status as granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, acknowledging how innovative, unique and one-of-a-kind we have made our technology.

Available for purchase directly through Klir, the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, or via our extensive US-wide Cooperative Contracts Purchasing Program. Contact us here to learn more.


Klir Is One System to Manage Every Process in the Utility

Software should break down silos, not create them. That’s why unlike other single-point solutions built for water, Klir doesn’t just solve one problem.

We start by letting you take control of key operational processes–from sampling, to permits and inspections. But we don’t stop there.

We partner with you on a technology adoption plan tailored to your utility’s strategic needs–from pretreatment, to biosolids, asset management, and more. All managed in Klir.


With Klir, You’re Prepared for the Future of Water Management

Becoming the utility of the future starts with operational excellence. Klir’s software lets you establish that track record from day one, while progressing innovative initiatives like water recycling, resource recovery, and more.

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Integrated by Design

Utility leaders know from experience that patching together software doesn’t work. Klir was built from the ground up as one integrated system for water.

Constant Rush of R&D

Best in class research and development is costly. As one of the most highly capitalized software vendors for water, we invest millions into R&D.

Continuous Improvement

With Klir you get a platform that is continuously evolving and improving. We deliver new releases monthly, based on user interviews and feedback.

Unique and Protected IP

Often copied, never matched. With Klir, we invest heavily in IP, so that you can invest in software that is legal, compliant, and protected for your future.


Your Partner for the Long-Term

We know from decades of experience that successful technology adoptions come from good technology, good process, and good change management.

That's why with every implementation of Klir you are investing in service and success, and not just buying a software license.

Plus, with your feedback, we’re constantly innovating to help our customers face the needs of tomorrow.


We’re Building the Future of Water Compliance

We recognize that regulatory compliance is the foundation of a strong utility, but your organization's purpose and ambitions are so much bigger than that.

You are pursuing ambitious strategic goals to become the financially and environmentally sustainable utility of the future, and our product is built to get you there.

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