Managing Wastewater Compliance Has Never Been This Easy

No more juggling critical data across Excel, email, and SCADA—Klir’s all-in-one wastewater management software simplifies NPDES reporting and unifies your data sources. You get the insights you need to stay compliant, so nothing falls through the cracks.

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Klir Gives You a Proactive, Efficient Approach to Wastewater Compliance

Before Klir

Reacting to contaminant spikes only after there’s a compliance violation

Searching across spreadsheets and legacy systems for the reporting data you need

Hunting through documents for parameters, regulatory requirements, limit sets, etc.

Juggling, assigning, and prioritizing an ever-growing list of compliance tasks

Manually transferring field sampling data into spreadsheets

After Klir

Klir monitors contaminant trends and lets you set up warning alerts, so you can fix issues before they become regulatory problems

Klir houses all your data, giving you big-picture dashboards and letting you drill down for insights

Klir automates effluent monitoring and DMR reporting

Klir allows you to schedule and assign tasks, and alerts the right people when a job is coming due

Klir’s mobile app allows your field team to capture data directly on their mobile devices

Before Klir

After Klir

Spotting contaminant spikes & exceedances too late

View compliance status at a glance & get alerted before there's a problem

No single location to review all permit statuses and details

Manage every permit in one place, so you never miss a detail or deadline

Managing inspections on paper, then copying results into a spreadsheet

Instantly capture inspection data from the field with mobile forms

No way to see regulatory permitting data related to sampling

Review sample results directly alongside permits

Scrambling to keep up with reporting needs

Generate regulatory & management reports in minutes

"We used to spend so much time pulling together sampling reporting data from multiple spreadsheets and departments across the organization. Klir is one system that brings all of our sampling outcomes together."

David Connelly

Laboratory Supervisor, City of Kalamazoo (Department of Public Services, Wastewater & Water Division)

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Sampling management

Wastewater Sampling, Simplified

Discover Klir sampling
Wastewater Sampling, Simplified
Centralized Sampling Results

Klir’s real-time data allows you to oversee the progress of all your utility’s monitoring plans, get ahead of compliance tasks, and check sampling results.

Instant Alerts When Something’s Off

Klir notifies you the moment an anomaly occurs, so regulatory warnings and violations reach the right people at the right time.


A Single Platform for Managing Your NPDES Permits

A Single Platform for Managing Your NPDES Permits
Every Permit Under Control

Klir transforms your NPDES permits from static documents into dynamic assets, making it easy to set due dates, assign tasks, track progress, and see what’s next.

Instant, Automated DMR Reporting

Klir’s report builder lets you generate one-off or recurring DMRs with just a few clicks.


Quickly Access the Information You Need

Comprehensive Dashboard

Get an instant snapshot of your water quality, compliance status, and tasks coming due.

Prepackaged Compliance

Klir is out-of-the-box configured for SDWA regulatory reporting and customizable for your needs.

Mobile Data Capture

Capture field sampling inspection data on mobile devices directly in the Klir system—giving you a single source of truth.

PowerBI Integration

Klir seamlessly integrates with Power BI, giving you a dynamic view of your compliance and plant performance.

Quickly Access the Information You NeedQuickly Access the Information You NeedQuickly Access the Information You NeedQuickly Access the Information You Need

Average admin time saved with Klir


Average audit time reduction


Average savings in admin fees due to regulatory changes


System to replace dozens of legacy solutions

"We have a small team managing a broad mountain of programs and regulatory tracking, so it's all about working smarter not harder. Klir is the one place where we can capture all our regulatory requirements […] so we can feel secure in knowing that we're doing a good job. I am truly enjoying using Klir every day."

Regulatory Compliance Manager

Irvine Ranch Water District

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