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Better Cybersecurity. Fewer Support Tickets. Cleaner Data.

Is your IT department stuck in a labyrinth of spreadsheets and legacy point solutions that business users bought? Break free with Klir.

Now you can support every department’s water compliance needs in a single, secure platform.

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Klir Gives You Unmatched Security and Privacy

Your data. Secured.

Klir data centers are protected by numerous layers of physical security, so your data is safe from both cyber and physical attacks. Your data always remains in your ownership, accessible and exportable at any stage of your Klir journey.

Military-grade encryption

Say goodbye to your cybersecurity worries. Klir encrypts and decrypts your data using the 256-bit AES: the same standard the U.S. government uses to secure classified information and national security data. Klir is SOC 2 certified and ISO and NIST compliant.

Safe and scalable

Klir is provisioned on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, and scales quickly with your security needs without sacrificing safety.

Secure access

User controls, SSO integrations and admin controlled privilege managements ensure that you and your customer’s data is accessible to your team and protected from external threats.


Built to Complement Your Utility’s Tech Stack

Klir is partnered with Microsoft and built on the secure Azure infrastructure—reducing your risk of exposure and easily integrating with your Microsoft environment.

Save Time

Klir eliminates the time spent navigating multiple legacy point solutions and spreadsheets—and because you can give every team member access to the dada they need, it reduces time spent on support tickets, too.

Save Money

You can purchase and deploy Klir seamlessly directly in the Azure Marketplace giving your IT team complete control of spend through Microsoft vetted standard agreements. Plus, you can use your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) to buy Klir so your cloud costs come down even further.

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