Stay on Top of All Your Environmental Compliance with Klir

Take your compliance from “all over the place” to all in one place —Klir brings all of your permitting and inspection activities together in a single tool, so you can keep your regulatory programs 100% compliant, 100% of the time.

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Klir Takes the Chaos out of Environmental Permit Management

Before Klir

Missing deadlines and paying penalties

Sifting through email chains and spreadsheets to find permit information

Relying on email, handwritten notes, and memory for process information

Losing institutional knowledge when a team member leaves

After Klir

Klir gives you the full picture of your compliance status and alerts you when deadlines are approaching.

Klir provides a single, searchable source of truth for every task, due date, and process tied to your permits.

Klir gives you a complete overview of tasks to be done and whom they’re assigned to, and when they’re due.

Klir’s team communication tools let your in-house experts leave a traceable record of each permit.

Before Klir

After Klir

Spotting contaminant spikes & exceedances too late

View compliance status at a glance & get alerted before there's a problem

No single location to review all permit statuses and details

Manage every permit in one place, so you never miss a detail or deadline

Managing inspections on paper, then copying results into a spreadsheet

Instantly capture inspection data from the field with mobile forms

No way to see regulatory permitting data related to sampling

Review sample results directly alongside permits

Scrambling to keep up with reporting needs

Generate regulatory & management reports in minutes


A Central System for All Your Environmental Permits

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Stay Ahead of the Audit

By keeping you on track with your permits and regulatory requirements, Klir helps you trigger fewer audits. And if you do get audited, all your documentation is organized—cutting the time spent on the process in half.

Accomplish More in Less Time

With Klir, it’s easy to find the information you’re looking for and automate repetitive tasks. On average, Klir customers save 40+ hours (and hundreds of emails) a month!


Save Inspection Time and Prevent Incidents

Streamline Field Inspections with Klir

Klir supports GIS tagging and integrates with Google Maps, so your inspectors know exactly how to get to each site. And Klir’s mobile app lets them capture and upload inspection data on site.

Automate Inspection Schedules and Alerts

Klir automatically reminds you when it’s time for a routine inspection, and sends instant alerts when anomalies and incidents occur—so the right people get the right information at the right time.


With Klir, You Can Put Out Fires Before They Start

Schedule Due Dates

Permit renewals, regulatory deadlines, inspections—Klir puts them all in a shared calendar.

Smart Documents

Klir turns static permit documents into action items and tasks, keeping operating criteria and deadlines in view.

Assign Tasks

Every permit task can be assigned to specific team members with due dates and notes.

Instant Alerts

If an incomplete task is approaching the due date, Klir sends an alert to the right person.

Quickly Access the Information You NeedQuickly Access the Information You Need

Average admin time saved with Klir


Average audit time reduction


Average savings in admin fees due to regulatory changes


System to replace dozens of legacy solutions

“Staff can access critical compliance information they need, when they need it without asking my team, and frees up my productivity to be able to work on the next thing—like delivering training or preparing for new regulations.”

Regulatory Compliance Manager

Irvine Ranch Water District

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