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The All-in-One System for Managing Your Water Compliance

Klir unites all your sampling data, permits, regulatory requirements, monitoring plans, and documentation together in one place, so nothing slips through the cracks.

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“We have a small team managing a broad mountain of programs and regulatory tracking, so it’s all about working smarter not harder. Klir is the one place where we can capture all our regulatory requirements […] so we can feel secure in knowing that we’re doing a good job. I am truly enjoying using Klir every day.”

Regulatory Compliance Manager

Irvine Ranch Water District

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Klir Puts Compliance Completely Under Control

Real-time Dashboards

See your compliance position at a glance and drill down for actionable insights.

Instant Alerts

Klir notifies your team of anomalies, contaminant spikes, and approaching due dates.

Automated Reports

Configure and schedule the reports you need: with Klir generates them on time, every time in clicks.

Task Management

Get everything done on time—Klir makes it easy to assign tasks and alerts you to approaching due dates.

How it works

Klir Puts You Back in Command of Compliance

No more guesswork, no more surprises, and no more sifting through spreadsheets and email threads. Klir organizes all of your permitting, sampling, and regulatory data so you can stay 100% compliant 100% of the time.

Total Compliance Visibility

Access the information you need yourself—Klir’s dashboards let you see your compliance position in real time, and allow you to drill down to find actionable insights.

Adapt to the Changing Regulatory Environment

Klir transforms your permits from static documents to dynamic sets of requirements, targets, and tasks, which makes it easy for you to adjust your operational plans when new regulations arise.

Reduce Complexity and Administrative Cost

Klir breaks down information silos and gives you a single, unified system for all your water compliance work—making it easier than ever to collaborate across departments, meet deadlines, and avoid costly mistakes.

Preserve Your Organizational Knowledge

Your colleagues can comment on permits and tasks and securely upload documents, turning every team member’s knowledge into a utility asset—even after vital team members retire.

case study

“Klir Helps Us Sleep Better at Night.”


Before Klir, managing 1,000+ permits and 300,000+ water samples every year was a time-consuming and stress-inducing process—and demonstrating compliance meant pulling information from many different systems.


Klir allows SNWA to consolidate and manage all of its permits and sampling data in one place. Now they can always demonstrate their compliance status and be confident that nothing’s slipping through the cracks.

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One Utility, One Platform


Before Klir, the team had to navigate a jungle of disparate point-specific systems—some online, some offline. The systems didn’t fully integrate with each other, which made it difficult to scale as the utility grew.


With Klir, Halifax Water can take a proactive approach to water management. Now instead of needing to learn eight different systems, new team members only need to learn the SCADA system and Klir.

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