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Klir Introduces New Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) Technology as Part of the Klir Comply Platform

RENO, NV — Klir, the leading single operating system for water, today announced the release of its Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) functionality. This functionality will be included for new customers adopting Klir Comply for Wastewater Monitoring. It will enable utilities to streamline their regulatory obligations around submitting DMRs, creating a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution.

"We are proud to announce the release of our new DMR functionality," said Klir CPO, Dr. Tom Stafford. "This will help streamline the often painful process of preparing DMRs, allowing utilities to save time and money while reducing risk and overhead. We are confident that this new functionality will help streamline the way utilities manage critical processes across their entire water system."

Klir's DMR provides an automated solution that leverages data from a customer's monitoring program to generate DMR reports automatically. This innovative approach significantly cuts down on the recurring work of collecting and analyzing monitoring data for DMR production, eliminating the risk of manual errors in calculations and transcription. Moreover, it reduces the utilities' reliance on a single individual, effectively addressing succession, staffing, and training issues.

Key Benefits of DMR Include:

Consolidation of Requirements: With Klir, you can consolidate your discharge permit prerequisites within the Klir Comply system, encompassing discharge points, monitoring sites, and monitoring schedules. This data, along with your sampling return information, is seamlessly integrated into our data analytics engine to perform the necessary DMR calculations.

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications: Klir's Configurable Rules engine allows for users to proactively act on parameter trends before they become violations. 

Simplified Reporting: Users can effortlessly generate DMR reports and a CSV file export that can be uploaded to a regulators reporting portal, significantly reducing the time required from days to mere minutes.

Klir's One Water Platform offers a wide range of features and benefits, including automated permits, sampling, inspections, and task management. The platform also offers data analytics to help water utilities better manage their processes and create efficiencies.

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Klir is the single operating system for water. With one platform to connect every team, Klir allows water utilities to manage critical processes across the entire water system—from permits, to sampling, and inspections, and everything in between. Administrative processes that were once painful and error prone, become effortless thanks to automation, data analytics, and task management. The result is a simplified process that reduces risk, operating expenses, and administrative overhead.

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