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Klir's SaaS platform gives you unprecedented visibility into your utility’s operations, providing the most comprehensive toolbox for regulatory, environmental and sustainability planning.

Why choose klir

The Operating System For 21st Century Water Management

Airtight Compliance Management

Klir helps utilities go above and beyond their regulatory obligations by providing a complete toolbox for long-term environmental and sustainability planning.

A ‘Single Source of Truth’ for Your Team

Never lose another document or miss another permit deadline. Klir lets you stop playing catch up and start planning for the long term.

Future-Proof Your Organization

Get ahead of emerging regulations, promote innovation, and build resilience. Klir helps utilities approach the challenges of 21st century water management with confidence.

Break Down Silos and Promote True Collaboration

Get everyone on the same page with powerful collaboration tools, eliminate erroneous or duplicate data, and build better, more empowered teams.

Klir products

Powerful, Intuitive Software Built Just for Water Utilities

Klir Comply for Drinking water

Klir centralizes all your water quality information, so you know you’re always providing your community with clean, clear drinking water.

Bring data, people, processes, and workflows together in a single real-time platform

Track your team’s progress against regulatory & operational requirements

Process, analyze, and maintain sampling data in a single tool

Quickly identify and respond to troubling trends or exceedances if they occur

View analytics and take action in one single integrated platform

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The Klir Difference

Meet Your Support Team

We’re committed to your success and will be there for you every step of the way.

Klir’s world-class customer support team will guide you through the setup process, work with you to tailor Klir to your organization’s needs and provide round-the-clock support once you’re set up.

And as we continue to build and improve the platform, we’ll make sure that your feedback and experience are top of mind and play a crucial role in shaping the future of Klir.

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case study

“The Best Environmental Outcome with the Least Amount of Resources”


Before Klir, Urban Utilities processes relied heavily on individual knowledge, disconnected systems, and manual workflows. In order to get the data they needed to become more efficient and environmentally sustainable, Queensland needed a unified place to analyze trends and pinpoint improvement opportunities.


With Klir, Urban Utilities has decreased one facility’s annual biosolids costs by $500K, reduced energy costs by 50%, and raised nitrogen removal efficiency to 93.3%.

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“Klir Helps Us Sleep Better at Night.”


Before Klir, managing 1,000+ permits and 300,000+ water samples every year was a time-consuming and stress-inducing process—and demonstrating compliance meant pulling information from many different systems.


Klir allows SNWA to consolidate and manage all of its permits and sampling data in one place. Now they can always demonstrate their compliance status and be confident that nothing’s slipping through the cracks.

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One Utility, One Platform


Before Klir, the team had to navigate a jungle of disparate point-specific systems—some online, some offline. The systems didn’t fully integrate with each other, which made it difficult to scale as the utility grew.


With Klir, Halifax Water can take a proactive approach to water management. Now instead of needing to learn eight different systems, new team members only need to learn the SCADA system and Klir.

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