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Your unused budget shouldn't be wasted. Klir's water utility software lets you transform funds into meaningful savings.

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Helping You Achieve 100% Compliance, 100% of the Time

Water Insights On Demand

Klir pulls all your sampling, operational and compliance data into one place, allowing your entire team to see the big picture and drill down for specific insights.

360° Compliance View

Manage all compliance across every department—and when regulations change, Klir makes it easy to track progress and adapt with a few clicks, all part of the Klir package.

One Water. One Organization. Every Team.

No more silos. Teams can operate across departments, but work together as one team on Klir. With built-in collaboration tools and complete task history, your team can make better decisions together.

Preserve Institutional Knowledge

Klir documents your data and tasks, providing a single source of truth and preserving team knowledge when someone changes roles, leaves, or retires.