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How Leading Utilities Manage Permit Compliance More Efficiently with Klir

Hear from Michael Thomas, a board member for WaterStart and the Capital Investment Plan Manager at Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and Nathan Allen, Executive Director of WaterStart, on how Klir's software drives efficiency in utility operations and permit compliance.


Large utilities often juggle hundreds or even thousands of permits and regulatory reporting requirements at any given moment.

Compliance, and maintaining trust with the regulator is crucial, but managing all of these permits across functions and departments is a challenge.

Permits can change often, and the knowledge required to stay on top of them often lives with a handful of veteran employees. Meanwhile, certain permits can stay in effect for as long as a decade, so the individual responsible may change over its lifetime.

To combat this challenge, and build efficiency into the process, leading utilities of the world including the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the Southern Nevada Water Authority are increasingly turning to technology. The Klir platform acts as a single source of truth for permit data, delivering real-time visibility into the utility’s compliance position. 

The outcome bolsters the agency’s ability to be proactive with the regulator, while allowing compliance teams to work smarter, not harder. 

With succession planning top-of-mind across the industry, Klir also ensures that critical organizational knowledge is retained as employees retire.

How Klir's Technology Brings Efficiency into Permit Compliance

Klir recently sat down with Michael Thomas, Board Member at WaterStart and the Capital Investment Plan Manager for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and Nathan Allen, Executive Director at WaterStart who shared how establishing a single-source of truth simplifies the permitting process for water utilities.

“Before we had Klir, if we needed information on a permit we'd have to find the person with that information. That person would have to dig through their files to bring that information up,” says Michael Thomas.

With Klir, this data is now easily traceable on-demand.  

“It's about how efficient you are in complying and how easy we're making it for staff to do their jobs. That's really what it's about to me,” says Michael Thomas. “Whenever we have that one location, that one place where we can go for all this information. It makes our jobs so much easier.”

About Klir

Klir is a single, unified operating system for water, pulling every aspect of water management—including compliance, sampling, permitting and more—into an easy to use dashboard.

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